Star Wars Revisited

Well, not really revisited, but I can't think of a more interesting title.

Three friends and I decided we needed to watch the original Star Wars again (not the one that was "remastered"--the real deal, with nothing more than slight picture clean-ups; unfortunately pan-and-scan). Of course, having seen it many times, it's a great occasion to poke fun at it.

OK, so there's the usual corny lines, botched special effects, and so on... but it's still quite good for the time.

However, something unusual happened this time. I noticed something new. In "A New Hope", in the scene where the imperials break in the room on the death star where the droids have been hiding, watch the rightmost stormtrooper carefully. He's taller than the others, and he appears to bang his head on the door frame!

Isn't that cool? It's not? Oh, just shut up.

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