Fanfiction redux

After a seemingly interminable funk, I finally feel the writer's itch again. I'm giving yet another shot at the conclusion of my FF7 trilogy.

This time, I'm not even planning out the whole plot until I've got some more material written. I'll try to write "as it goes". At worse, I'll revise later. I feel that many decisions I'd taken in the previous installment really painted me in a corner if I kept the old plot structure I had in mind, so I'm killing it.

This post is mostly to force me to actually finish the damn thing.

Actually, I may have a better chance than last times I tried. Those long public transit trips help a lot. The fact I ran out of stuff to read until I get my ass to the library helps as well. Finally, I really feel the itch. Before, I was trying to write as an obligation, that is, I hated the fact the trilogy was incomplete. This time, I was cooking last week-end and, as I was waiting for the pressure cooker to finish whatever it is pressure cookers do (ok, ok, I know they cook stuff; it's a pressure cooker, duh!), I just got the editor out and started writing on a whim.

I can't promise anything, but I feel good about this time.

It's just too bad that I have to scrap all the stuff I had already written for this. Maybe I'll recycle it some day. But I'll definitely not use it now; that stuff is poison and has "painted in corners" all over it.

Hmmm, maybe I should have a "failed fanfics corner" if I ever get over my embarassement...

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