A visit to IKEA

This may be of no interest to anyone else, but I'm officially giving up shopping at IKEA.

Not that it's really bad, mind you. Going to the Boucherville store is much less hassle than going to the Cote de Liesse store ever was, even when I lived close to the Cote de Liesse store. Getting back on the A-20 is a bit more of a pain because of really weird traffic light timings, but I've survived to tell the tale.

And it's not because I'm annoyed by the prices, or the layout, or the crowds. Prices are reasonable; the layouts, although slightly strange at first, let you see all "sample rooms;" the crowds are very manageable at the Boucherville store. So, no problems there.

My main annoyance is how square everything looks. Square couches. Square footrests. Square chairs. Nearly cubic cushions. Square handwoven baskets, for crying out loud!1 Sharp corners everywhere.

One of my friend's flat is mostly furnished in that style. It's a great, pure and all that kind of style. But it is not at all the kind of stuff I have. And I am not going to buy a whole new set of furniture just to fit with the rest.

I was toying with the idea of buying a set of shelves there, or maybe a new computer desk. But it's not going to happen. I'll probably grab a good desk from somewhere where the whole boxing day stock isn't gone yet instead.

So, you learned it here first: BGE has given up on IKEA as a source of furniture. There.

1 Well, there are some round baskets, but they're huge. I'm looking for something to go on a shelf, not for an exotic clothe hamper!

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