Canadian Weather

It was bloody cold today. To the point I thought my cheeks would freeze completely at one point. Not a nice feeling.

Which brings me to a rather funny observation about Montrealers. We'll brave deadly cold just to make sure we get a seat in the bus, for a 15-minute bus ride. Even funnier, I'm one of the ones who did it, and I didn't even realize it until I was in the line. By then, well, I was there, and I decided to tough it out.

One would think it's a macho thing, but the three people in front of me in the said line (and, needless to say, who had been there much longer than I) were women. Are stupid male habits rubbing off? I hope not...

In any case, that was not very smart, but my toes are still moving and my fingers haven't fallen off. Plus, I had that really warm polar cap. I sometimes think that winter is a humility test: you must be willing to wear a silly hat, or your ears freeze. So, you're either humble or you suffer.

Still, tomorrow, if it's that cold again, I'm staying in station and I'll stand in the darn bus.

Apparently, there's going to be rain (not ice rain, liquid rain) this Thursday. There go my plans for cross-country skiing coming Christmas weekend. I knew I should have gone last weekend, instead of messing around in the west of the island looking for decent Christmas gifts (in my defense, I found a really nice one, but had to drive way west to get it). Montreal weather is completely whacked. If you want to move here, be prepared.

Then again, we don't bitch about much more than climate, so I guess it's a pretty decent place to live. I'll take weird temperature swings over earthquakes, tornadoes or civil unrest any day.

Well, that was pointless, but, hey, it's my blog after all.

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