Enabled comments

OK, I decided to enable comments, mostly so I get an idea if anyone except Code Ronin reads this, or if I'm "pissing in a violin" as one of my French friends likes to put it.

Note, however, that you'll need to create a blogger user to be able to add a comment. This is in an effort to prevent too much spam. Maybe I'll move to a moderation-based system at some point in the future, but that would require migrating all of the blog. Right now, despite previous complaints, blogger is free, simple, and publishes to an FTP site, so I'll keep using this.


coderonin said...

So far it looks like it is just me.

I'm your biggest fan.

U r 1337 2 m3!!!

Okay I will stop ;-)

Darryl Musashi said...

Nah, I'm reading too, JavaBoy.

Hey Ronin, i liked your blog's old colors better. There's a reason the world moved away from white (or green or gold) on black back in the Mac days...


bge said...

Glad to see you guys are enjoying this.

On the white on black, it actually reduces eyestrain. It may be less familiar to newer computer users, but real (1337) hackers use dark backgrounds.

But maybe we want to move this discussion on Ronin's blog, since it's about his.

Do the colors of my own blog make it look fat? :-)