I must be crazy

I must've clocked 24 klicks on my bike today. Not even close to the 40 klicks the "Tour de l'Île" people do, but that's the point--I'm not ready to do the tour-de-l'Île, and I want to be ready for next year. Whether I'll be able to maintain my shape during winter is another story, I guess...

I should've picked a less busy street than Viau to go down to the Maisonneuve park, though. I think I breathed in a lot of hydrocarbons. Down with cars! Hurray for bicycles! (except in winter, of course)

It was a good workout for myself, but also for the bike. I had ridden to the metro so far, but never farther than that. There are a few problems with the derailer that I'll need to look into, but besides that, it's a sturdy, reliable workhorse so far.

Anyhow, I'm sure I'll sleep extremely well tonight. And hurt all over tomorrow...

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