Bitmapped fonts in xft applications

A couple of months back, I moved to using XFce 4.2 and the os-cillation Terminal application. I liked the Terminal application mostly because it had the features of gnome-terminal, but didn't require gnorba and other silly libraries. When all you want is a competent multi-tab terminal, it's annoying to require all sorts of extra stuff.

The only annoyance is that Terminal uses client-side font rendering. For some reason, client-side apps weren't able to see bitmapped fonts on my system. Which is not normally a problem; however, I really like the "terminus" font for terminals and editors and such, and it being a bitmapped font, I had to make do with Andale Mono, a font that I never found as clear.

I got fed up and did a quick google search. Turns out that on Debian systems with fontconfig installed, there is something that can be done. I went into the /etc/fonts directory. There was a conf.d subdirectory, in true Debian fashion. When in there, found a file named yes-bitmaps.conf, while the file no-bitmaps.conf was symlinked. The symlink contained the "debconf" word, which led me to think that it was a configuration option below my normal debconf level.

dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig, and voilĂ .

So, for those of you who want to use terminus in Terminal (or any GTK+ 2.0 application, as most use client-side font rendering thanks to pango) under a Debian system, hopefully this post was of some use.

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