Not so humbling after all, to humanity's great sorrow

OK, so I was really tired yesterday. Turns out I had good reasons to abstract file lookup: I needed to do easy unit tests. Granted, I could have mocked a ServletContext, but I think it's cleaner this way. So, much to everyone's chagrin, I'm not really humbled by my experience.

I have, however, discovered the benefit of a good night's sleep, yet again. Something I won't get next Tuesday because I have to go to the dentist. How this is interesting to you I have no idea, but you never know!

In other news, the guys at work are making fun of my work habits and love of mechanical keyboards1. They are mean to me. But then again, I complain all the time, so I suppose I deserve it.

1 The text in the picture is in french, and reads "Directly from the Espace Logient/Benoit Goudreault Emond/Concerto in Mechanical Keyboard/And Bouts of Anger". This is a loose translation, but it's probably accurate enough. "Espace Logient" is a pun on a show room in Montreal known as "l'Espace Go" (which is, by the way, quite a nice show room).

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